Whitsitt Enterprises has built our business success on a delicate balance between hard work and talent, insight and persuasion, instinct and knowledge. Combining the proven expertise and experience of Bob Whitsitt, the former NBA Executive of the Year and one of the most respected executives in professional sports, and Jan Sundberg Whitsitt, a lawyer with extensive negotiation and management experience in business, sports, and broadcasting, Whitsitt Enterprises is uniquely positioned to help your company achieve success.

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“Whitsitt has documented he has the guts to be different. Refreshingly so. He has established he’s unafraid to think in opposition of his peers, and substantiated he’s prepared to take a calculated risk for the sake of the team, even though his career is very much on the line. Not since Boston’s Red Auerbach was beating his counterparts off every dribble, has a management type exhibited such individuality.”

Peter Vecsey
Sports Columnist
USA Today

Sports Franchise Management and Consulting

Few people in the field of sports management can match Bob Whitsitt when it comes to breadth of experience or track record for success. In a career that spans the Indiana Pacers, the Sacramento Kings, the Seattle Supersonics, the Portland Trailblazers, and the Seattle Seahawks, he has built winning teams at every stop. Along the way he has earned a reputation as one of the best in the business when it comes to recognizing talent, as well as one of the most skilled negotiators to ever sit across the table from an agent. Although he is widely regarded as a bold risk taker, his legacy of accomplishment is a clear demonstration of the solid strategic foundation that has informed each and every move.

Whitsitt’s experience touches every aspect of the business side of sports, including stadium development and management, franchise sales and acquisitions, and much more. Whitsitt Enterprise offers a full range of sports franchise management and consulting services, including:

• Franchise sales and acquisitions
• Franchise valuations
• Stadium and arena naming rights valuation and negotiation
• Innovative ideas to increase revenues
• Stadium and arena lease negotiations
• New stadium design, financing, and development
• Player roster and coaching staff evaluations
• Player, coach, and executive contract negotiations