Whitsitt Enterprises has built our business success on a delicate balance between hard work and talent, insight and persuasion, instinct and knowledge. Combining the proven expertise and experience of Bob Whitsitt, the former NBA Executive of the Year and one of the most respected executives in professional sports, and Jan Sundberg Whitsitt, a lawyer with extensive negotiation and management experience in business, sports, and broadcasting, Whitsitt Enterprises is uniquely positioned to help your company achieve success.

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“You can make a deal with Bob. He likes to negotiate more than I do. If there’s something I want to do, I'll spend the extra $10 to make it happen. Bob likes to dicker, but you know you're not wasting your time with him.”

Jerry West
Former GM, Los Angeles Lakers
Currently, President of Basketball Operations, Memphis Grizzlies

Strategic Business Development

What does it take to build a successful business? What are the essential ingredients that enable some ventures to excel while other fall by the wayside? For more than a quarter-century, Bob Whitsitt has played an integral role in creating and sustaining some of the most successful organizations in professional sports. As a 28-year-old vice president for marketing, he helped the Kings go from a struggling franchise in Kansas City to one of the NBA’s most profitable organizations in Sacramento. He transformed the Seattle Supersonics from cellar-dweller to contender. Working with Paul Allen, he achieved similar success with the Portland Trailblazers and Seattle Seahawks, while piloting a network of companies that spanned sports facilities, real estate, media outlets, and more.

The foundation for Whitsitt’s record of accomplishment: a gift for strategy enhanced by a penchant for hard work, an ability to see the big picture balanced by a laser-focus on the details, and a willingness to take creative risks tempered by a rock-solid awareness of the potential implications of every move.

As experienced entrepreneurs, the Whitsitts have helped launch successful new businesses in sports, media, and more. From business plan development and consulting for start-up ventures to strategic growth planning for more mature companies, the Whitsitts bring a special combination of skills and experiences that can help your organization take its game to the next level.

Whitsitt Enterprises recently invested in O Ecotextiles, a company producing luxurious drapery and upholstery fabrics using natural fibers and methods that are non-toxic, ethical and sustainable.