Whitsitt Enterprises has built our business success on a delicate balance between hard work and talent, insight and persuasion, instinct and knowledge. Combining the proven expertise and experience of Bob Whitsitt, the former NBA Executive of the Year and one of the most respected executives in professional sports, and Jan Sundberg Whitsitt, a lawyer with extensive negotiation and management experience in business, sports, and broadcasting, Whitsitt Enterprises is uniquely positioned to help your company achieve success.

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“You can’t argue with success. Bob knows what he’s doing. He’s aggressive and that’s how you have to be in this league.”

Greg Anthony
Former NBA Player
Currently, ESPN Commentator

Business Acquisition Consulting

Business acquisition is a special balancing act. Success requires the ability to recognize the potential that a business can deliver and the foresight to anticipate the sometimes painful steps needed to achieve that potential. It takes an understanding of current value and a vision for future opportunities. It demands the ability to walk the fine line between overreaching and underachieving in order to reach that perfect balance that is the art of the deal.

Business acquisition demands expert timing, superb strategy, and skilled negotiation, all resting on a solid foundation of hard work and due diligence. Over the course of his career in sports and business, Bob Whitsitt has engineered the acquisition of everything from radio stations to the purchase of the Seattle Seahawks. His unquestioned skills and experience as a business visionary and strategist can ensure that your company makes the right strategic choices as it considers a business acquisition and then executes its vision successfully.

Bob has been a member of Young President's Organization (YPO) and World President's Organization (WPO) since 1988.